Head office:
H-3214 Nagyréde, Alsórét u. 19.
Tel: +36-37-573-008
Fax: +36-37-573-009
H-4251 Hajdúsámson, Hadházi u. 38
Tel: +36-52-200-165
Fax: +36-52-590-165



MONT-ORG Contractor and Trader Ltd.was established in 1991 in the ownership of private entities.

  • We have been working in almost all fields of the food industry in the course of the past 10 years. Our company undertakes to carry out fruit and vegetable storage houses, cold-storage plants with controlled air space, banana ripening facilities, slaughterhouses as green-field investments from the preparation of tenders through complete construction plans to turnkey execution. Our aim is to fully meet our Customer's needs and requirements with the most optimal storage and processing technology taking into consideration our Customer's profile, product range and economical situation.
  • In 1998, our Company extended its building industrial profile with the manufacture of steel structures. We implement the frame structure of light construction cold-storage plants and halls built by our company, however our production capacity also enables us to perform "external" orders.


  • In our projects we mainly act as a main contractor, however, by means of our mainly Italian, German- and Austrian partners we play a significant part in importing technologies, machinery, spare parts and constructional units for the Hungarian food industry.
  • Industrial and Supplier Centre of Nagyréde
    The Industrial and Supplier Centre of Nagyréde is situated at East from Budapest, in the East of a village famous for its excellent wines, and it is approachable from the road between the highway M3 and Gyöngyös. more

  • You can download our reference list that also includes the list of works under construction.