Head office:
H-3214 Nagyréde, Alsórét u. 19.
Tel: +36-37-573-008
Fax: +36-37-573-009
H-4251 Hajdúsámson, Hadházi u. 38
Tel: +36-52-200-165
Fax: +36-52-590-165


Industrial and Supplier Centre of Nagyréde

The Industrial and Supplier Centre of Nagyréde is situated at East from Budapest, in the East of a village famous for its excellent wines, and it is approachable from the road between the highway M3 and Gyöngyös.

  • Information

    - Total surface: 37 666 m2
    - To be built in: 40%
    - Parcels on sale: 1 000 - 10 000 m2
    - Public utilities, infrastructure: electricity, water, gas, sewage, telephone, direct connection to the main road
  • Activity of the companies we are waiting to contact us: micro, small and medium enterprises who work in the light industry, food industry, agricultural industry or logistics.


  • Planning

    We assume the planning assignments with the entire occurrent administration and procure of the construction authorization

  • Implementation

    Our company also assumes the implementation works to turnkey constructions



We remain at your disposal for any further information!

Antal Tamus

Ariel Tamus