Head office:
H-3214 Nagyréde, Alsórét u. 19.
Tel: +36-37-573-008
Fax: +36-37-573-009
H-4251 Hajdúsámson, Hadházi u. 38
Tel: +36-52-200-165
Fax: +36-52-590-165

Manufacture of steel structure - Hall construction

In 1998 MONT-ORG Ltd. purchased and further developed its plant in Hajdúsámson that manufactures steel structure. The plant situated on a 3,200 square meter basic area has been continuously working since than. Our plant is equipped with 1,000 square meter crane-rigged production hall; and a significant equipment fleet, which is expanded and updated on a continuous basis. We perform tinning shop-works with our plate machining equipment.

Our plant provides the overall manufacture of individual supporting structures, gates, steel doors, and fences of halls, warehouses, and plants; in a coloured, hot-dip galvanised, fireproof painting construction.
Of course, we also use our steel structures for our turnkey hall construction.

Among our customer the proportion of foreign owned companies is considerable, for example ThyssenKrupp Systembau Austria /steel structure/, Sanshin Hungary /microelctronic production hall/, Borschodchem /building-isolation works of phosgene plant/



Steel structure of cold-storage plant /ULO/, Hajdúsámson

Microelectronic production hall, Nagykorös

Roof construction, St. Johann in Tirol

Car washer, Gyöngyös

Steel structure of production hall, Nagykorös

Hangar, Sport airport Atkár

Steel structure of apple concentrator plant, Hajdúsámson

Steel structure of cold-storage plant, Kál