Head office:
H-3214 Nagyréde, Alsórét u. 19.
Tel: +36-37-573-008
Fax: +36-37-573-009
H-4251 Hajdúsámson, Hadházi u. 38
Tel: +36-52-200-165
Fax: +36-52-590-165




Quality assurance

MONT-ORG LTD introduced an assurance system in accordance with MSZ DIN EN ISO 9002, 1994 for its activity, which was qualified as excellent by EMI-TÜV Bayern Ltd. in September 2000, and was attested for a three-year period.

Attestation organisation: TÜV Management Service GmbH. München.
Attestation registration number: 12100 12974 TMS.