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Food industrial plants

Several facts about our activity between 1991-2001 can be found below in order to support our experience in the field of food industrial investments:

  • Carrying out the biggest banana ripening plant in the region of Budapest /Nagybani Market/ upon Italian order,
  • Implementing pig and beef slaughter house with the biggest capacity in Middle-Europe
  • Construction of one of the most up-to-date apple juice concentrator plants in Europe,
  • Up to August 2001 altogether nearly 7,000 ton capacity cold-storage plant for vegetable and fruit has been built for the Hungarian food industry
  • Continuous building and technology works for leading, multinational milk industrial companies in Hungary /Nutrícia, Parmalat/

We have leading position on the market of constructing cold-storage plants with ULO-technology and banana ripening rooms



Vegetable-fruit cold-storage plant, Kecskemét-Borbás

Manipulation unit in cold-storage plant /ULO/, Jakabszállás

Apple cold-storage plant, Nógrád

Banana ripening plant, Budapest

Vegetable-fruit logistic centre, Tokaj

Cooled meat processing unit, Kiskunfélegyháza

Cold-storage plant /ULO/, Jakabszállás

Selection unit in cold-storage plant, Kecskemét-Borbás

Apple juice concentrator plant, Hajdúsámson